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If you read the Waco Trib on Sunday, you may have noticed that the ‘Super 6’ made the front page of the Local & Texas section. The ‘Super 6’ ended their New Year, New You journey last Saturday, April 6th. The six participants were celebrated at the Reveal Party at the JCPenny’s Court at the Richland Mall. Each participant went back into the BOD POD to calculate the percentage of fat they lost and the percentage of muscle they gained in the past 12 weeks, and they had wonderful results!

We are proud of LaTasha, Cody, Shelly, Claudia, Derek, and Alicia and the improvements they have made to their health during the New Year, New You program. Thank you so much to our trainers- Jason, Jimmy, Pam, Caroline, Justin, and Jonathon, who did a great job coaching the ‘Super 6’ in diet and exercise.

If you missed Sunday’s Waco Trib, click here for the article. To see the specific results of each contestant, click here.


The New Year, New You Reveal Party is THIS Saturday, April 6th! Come out to the JC Penny’s Court of Richland Mall from 2PM- 3PM and help us celebrate the ‘Super 6’s healthy new lifestyles. The ‘Super 6’ will reveal their steps to success.

We would like to give a special thanks to our program trainers: CampGladiator, Cross Fit, Fitness by Pam, TUF Boot Camp, and 3V Health and Fitness.

We would also like to thank our sponsors: A1 Fire and Security, Bear Mountain, Dillards, Gourmet Gallery, HillcrestGettermanWellnessCenter, JC Penny, Outdoor Waco, State Farm, and the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District.

Hair and makeup for the reveal party will be provided by JC Penny’s Salon, Clinique, and Kiehl’s of Dillards.

We hope to see you on Saturday!

reveal party flyer cut
The New Year, New You reveal party is just around the corner!

Come out to JC Penny’s Court at the Richland mall on April 6 from 2PM- 3PM to see how well the Super 6 did. They will share their successes and tips with the crowd as we all celebrate the healthy changes they have made and the results they have seen.

Don’t miss out!

aliciaWhen Alicia started this program, she knew it would be difficult. She would have to make a lot of lifestyle adjustments and work really hard towards her health goals. Now, 6 weeks later, she’s happy with the changes she made. What has surprised her most is that she is excited to work out. Jason, her trainer, sees her excitement and enjoys her positive attitude and hard work. 

Alicia loves the community that she has found with Camp Gladiator. Each workout is a total body workout, and she’s seeing the results. She is getting stronger and starting to see muscle definition in her arms. Jason sees her improvements each day—she is improving big time when it comes to her squats and range of motion and her core is getting much stronger.

She has been eating a lot less bread and carbohydrates. She has also cut out starches at dinner time. Sometimes she wants to eat an extra roll, but she doesn’t grab for it because she knows that is not part of her nutritional plan.

Her biggest challenge has been the number on the scale. She used to think that the number was the end all be all of success, but she has learned that the scale doesn’t determine how much she has improved. She sees the changes in her body—she is feeling stronger and looking smaller.

She is lucky to have a family who supports her new lifestyle changes. They understand that she doesn’t want to go out to happy hour and eat elaborate dinners because she has to be conscious of her nutritional and fitness plans.

After the 12 weeks are over, Alicia would love to continue with CampGladiator. She has become part of a community that she enjoys, which has helped her make the lifestyle changes she needed. She’s excited to continue and be a healthy person who works out and is aware of what she eats.

Tip from Jason
Consistency is the key. When you’re starting a new workout plan, you’re going to be sore after the first session because it’s new to your body. Don’t sit on your soreness for a week and hate it, get back out there and work through your soreness. Make exercise part of your daily routine, and before you know it, you’ll be achieving your goals and seeing the results.

Click here to learn more about Camp Gladiator.

The ‘Super 6’ are beginning their third week of the New Year, New You program. Already they’ve began to see some great results!


shellyShelly has been working hard with her trainer, Jonathon. She has been participating in the CrossFit program, which she first found to be intimidating and something that she would probably have never given a thought to do if it hadn’t been for the New Year, New You program. It turns out that she loves CrossFit! Everyone she has met there has been so nice and welcoming to her. After only two weeks and a lot of body soreness, she has begun to notice that she has muscle and her stomach muscles are getting tighter.


aliciaAlicia has been enjoying her workouts with her trainer, Jason. She has found that working out is not as scary as she once thought, and she now looks forward to her workouts! She has been participating in CampGladiator, where she has found a very positive atmosphere full of encouragement to help her on her journey. It’s taking her some time to get used to the new eating habits, but she is finding that she has more energy and feels better in the mornings now! Alicia is finding motivation from family members who have experienced difficult health issues because she doesn’t want to have the same issues.

Derek is seeing some great results and enjoying his time with his trainer, Jimmy. He has already lost 10 pounds since beginning this journey two weeks ago. He has been working out with Jimmy and TUF Boot Camp. Diet and exercise have become a part of his daily life, and his hard work is being rewarded! He’ll be ready for a cape at the end of this program.

Check back tomorrow to see how the other three participants are doing in their journeys! 

To learn more about CrossFit, visit Jonathon’s website here.
To learn more about CampGladiator, visit their website here.
To learn more about TUF Boot Camp, visit their website here.

Jason Broussard

Jason has lived in the Waco area since the age of 6. Here, he found his love of sports and fitness at a young age. In high school, he was a member of the football, basketball, and baseball team. Competing and being active have always been important to Jason. As a senior, he was selected to the All State Football and Baseball teams. He was later recruited to play football for the University of Memphis. He eventually decided to pursue his love of baseball at Wayland Baptist University. After receiving his degree in Education from Wayland, he started his career as a high school coach and teacher. After 5 years of coaching and teaching, Jason decided to pursue his lifelong passion of inspiring others through fitness.


NASM CPT Certified
Physical Education Certified
Collegiate Baseball Player
Former Head Baseball Coach
B.S. – Education 

Jason and Camp Gladiator will be working with ALICIA KEITH!


For more information visit their websiter here or contact him directly by           phone or email:  (254) 315-0277

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