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Latasha and Shelly, the two moms in our ‘Super 6’ group, have a wonderful opportunity coming up! They are both going to be on Moms Everyday (a show hosted by Emily Lazzetti which features local moms and their stories; it offers advice, fun ideas for the family, and much more), talking about their experiences with the New Year, New You program and how it has affected them and their families.

Tune in to KWTX Channel 10 on April 3rd at 4PM to watch Latasha and Shelly on Moms Everyday!


Pinterest is a great place to find recipes, exercise tips, inspiration, motivation, and creative ideas. And we must admit that we have fallen in love with this social media genius. That’s why we have joined Pinterest! We’ll be pinning to boards for our 5 “Wells”- Be Well, Eat Well, Play Well, Think Well, and Work Well.

Follow Live Well Waco for pins related to the health topics we blog about as well as recipes, motivation, fun workout ideas, and much more!

womens conference flyer crop

This past weekend, the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District partnered with the CenTex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to hold the 2013 Women’s Conference and Health Fair at the WacoConvention Center. The event included booths with information on various health topics, Zumba, Cooking demos, a Fashion Show hosted by Dress Barn, and speakers.

claudia at womens conference
One of the speakers was our very own Claudia Castro from the New Year, New You program. Even though she cannot be a part of the program anymore due to unexpected medical issues, she is still working towards living a healthy life. She spoke about her healthy lifestyle changes and how they have affected her and her family. We’re excited for her and the work she has done, as well as the opportunity she had to speak at this event. Congratulations Claudia!  

Do you have any questions or comments for our trainers or participants? Here’s your chance!

Ask our trainers any question you have about their programs or physical activity in general. You can also ask any 0f the participants about their experiences so far.

Leave your questions or comments in the comment section below and we’ll get you the answers as soon as possible.

0102131408The New Year, New You program has been what Derek Anderson expected it would be and more. He is in his 10th week of training with Jimmy and the TUF Boot Camp, and he has noticed some remarkable changes!

The TUF Boot Camp has had Derek running the trails of Cameron Park, something that has become his favorite workout. The camp’s routines are challenging and diverse, and include lots of hills, sprints, resistance, and core work among other things.

Derek’s biggest challenge has been learning to eat well. He has been focusing on eating clean- he eats more vegetables and fruits and stays away from the processed foods that provide little to no nutrition.

Because of the changes he has made, he has already dropped 30.5 pounds! He has noticed that he has more energy and he is better able to concentrate. His family has been extremely helpful and encouraging through this whole experience.

After the NYNY program is complete in a few weeks, he plans to continue his training with Jimmy and TUF Boot Camp. He hopes to lose an additional 60 pounds so he can reach his goal of a healthy weight.

reveal party flyer cut
The New Year, New You reveal party is just around the corner!

Come out to JC Penny’s Court at the Richland mall on April 6 from 2PM- 3PM to see how well the Super 6 did. They will share their successes and tips with the crowd as we all celebrate the healthy changes they have made and the results they have seen.

Don’t miss out!

Remember our post from a few weeks ago about physical activity? It is an important part of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. There are many ways to exercise beyond going for a run and lifting weights at the gym. If you don’t enjoy those things, you should try out different activities, such as dancing, hiking, and yoga, and find an activity that you love. Working out won’t seem like a hassle when you’re doing something you enjoy.

A good way to try something new is to look for events around your community. Many times, free or reduced-price classes are offered so that you can attempt new things. In Waco, you can find free CampGladiator classes on Saturdays for anyone who wants to try it out before they buy a package. On Thursdays, you can go to a paddleboard yoga class at Outdoor Waco for half price. For those of you who love big band music and want to try out swing dancing, the Waco Swing Dance Society is hosting a dance on April 27

There are also many walks and runs throughout the year. Many of them are put on by health organizations and awareness groups to raise money for research. Some events coming up in Waco include the 2013 Waco Walk for Autism, the Donkey Dash 5k and One Mile Walk/Run, the 2013 Waco Stiletto Stampede, and the Mudquest Hungry Games

Look at Waco’s calendar of events for more events that are coming up in the next few months. Go out and try new things. Who knows, you may just find the exercise that will change your views on working out! You can also check out Live Well Waco’s calendar for more information about the Camp Gladiator classes and paddleboard yoga.

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