The ‘Super 6’ are beginning their third week of the New Year, New You program. Already they’ve began to see some great results!

Untitled-1 copyCory has seen some amazing changes in the last two weeks, especially with his family. His son, who Cory previously noticed was following in his same unhealthy footsteps, is beginning to follow his example of learning how to eat healthy foods and portion control. He now pushes the plate away at the dinner table when he is full. Cory is really enjoying the workouts with his trainer, Justin, at 3V Health and Fitness. He’s loves seeing the results of his hard work. He will keep pushing as the weeks go on because he knows he needs to take care of himself for his family.

latasha copyLaTasha has been working hard with her trainer, Caroline. She is working out with Caroline and CampGladiator, and she is already seeing the results- she has lost five pounds! After having been told her whole life that she was overweight, she’s working hard and learning how to live a new healthy lifestyle and enjoying it. She continues to be motivated by her son, and she hopes that she can make the healthy changes she needs for her family. 

claudiaClaudia is excited to be able to wear jeans that didn’t fit her a few weeks ago- she has lost two inches already! She has been working hard with her trainer, Pamela, who specializes in at-home workouts. Claudia is really enjoying her workouts, and the results she’s seeing! She has noticed that she has more energy after just two weeks of her new diet and exercise program. She’s excited to keep working out and eating healthy so she can be healthy and a positive influence to her family.

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