The ‘Super 6’ are beginning their third week of the New Year, New You program. Already they’ve began to see some great results!


shellyShelly has been working hard with her trainer, Jonathon. She has been participating in the CrossFit program, which she first found to be intimidating and something that she would probably have never given a thought to do if it hadn’t been for the New Year, New You program. It turns out that she loves CrossFit! Everyone she has met there has been so nice and welcoming to her. After only two weeks and a lot of body soreness, she has begun to notice that she has muscle and her stomach muscles are getting tighter.


aliciaAlicia has been enjoying her workouts with her trainer, Jason. She has found that working out is not as scary as she once thought, and she now looks forward to her workouts! She has been participating in CampGladiator, where she has found a very positive atmosphere full of encouragement to help her on her journey. It’s taking her some time to get used to the new eating habits, but she is finding that she has more energy and feels better in the mornings now! Alicia is finding motivation from family members who have experienced difficult health issues because she doesn’t want to have the same issues.

Derek is seeing some great results and enjoying his time with his trainer, Jimmy. He has already lost 10 pounds since beginning this journey two weeks ago. He has been working out with Jimmy and TUF Boot Camp. Diet and exercise have become a part of his daily life, and his hard work is being rewarded! He’ll be ready for a cape at the end of this program.

Check back tomorrow to see how the other three participants are doing in their journeys! 

To learn more about CrossFit, visit Jonathon’s website here.
To learn more about CampGladiator, visit their website here.
To learn more about TUF Boot Camp, visit their website here.