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Health isn’t just about the number on the scale; it’s also about the way we think about eating, working out, and our self image. Too often, we rush through our day and don’t think about the food we’re consuming. We don’t want to spend too much time cooking a meal and eating it because we always have other things to do.
This week, Dr. Wayne Gregory from Waco’s affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) will be speaking with the ‘Super 6’ about mindfulness and mindfully eating.
Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment and living in it. If we think about the past or the future, we tend to have more anxiety and forget about what is important in that very moment. Consciously thinking about each minute can help you be more aware of your mental, physical, and emotional state.
Mindful eating simply means thinking about what you’re eating. When we start to really think about the food we are putting in our body, we begin to notice all sorts of things about the food, and we begin to think more about nutrition. Taking the time to think about your food can help you eat more nutritiously and lose weight. It probably only takes you a second to eat a raisin, but here’s a video showing you how to mindfully eat a raisin…in 5 minutes!
For more information on mindfulness and mindful eating, click here for a PowerPoint presentation, or contact NAMI at (254) 297-7107 or email


We mentioned yesterday that if you join the New You, Too program and lose 10 pounds or more by April 15th, you’ll receive a free sweat-activated technology shirt. You’re probably wondering what we mean by sweat-activated technology.

 ViewSPORT has custom designed a workout shirt for each of our participants who lost 10 pounds. The shirt will display words as the fabric darkens from sweating. The words will be more apparent the harder you work out!

 Here’s what our New You, Too shirts will look like:
tshirt_editThe words “I WORK OUT” will appear as you work harder and sweat more. What a great motivation!

 Join us February 4th at TILT at Richland Mall from 10AM-6:30 PM, or at the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District from 8AM-5PM to weigh in and start your journey!

 To learn more about ViewSPORT and their products, check out their website here.

Do you need another reason to stick to your New Years resolutions about weight loss? Are you looking for motivation to get healthy?
Join New You, Too!

If you want to be a part of this new program, come out to TILT in Richland Mall on February 4th from 10AM- 6:30PM, or stop by the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District on February 4th from 8AM-5PM.

For the next 10 weeks, you’ll work off those pounds you want to shed, and then join us again to weigh in on April 15th. Anyone who has lost 10 pounds or more by April 15th will receive an awesome t-shirt with sweat activated technology AND be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a FREE iPad, Spa Package, or Sports Package. We’ll see you at weigh-in on the 4th!

 A special thanks to our donors of the Spa Package – Hillcrest and the Getterman Wellness Center and State Farm!

The Waco City Cable channel recently interviewed the New Year, New You participants. To watch the full City Beat interview with the ‘Super 6’ and their trainers, click here.

Starting February 5th, follow their progress on HealthWise on the Waco City Cable channel.

Check back next week to find out how you can get involved with our New Year, New You spinoff program called New You Too!

The ‘Super 6’ are beginning their third week of the New Year, New You program. Already they’ve began to see some great results!

Untitled-1 copyCory has seen some amazing changes in the last two weeks, especially with his family. His son, who Cory previously noticed was following in his same unhealthy footsteps, is beginning to follow his example of learning how to eat healthy foods and portion control. He now pushes the plate away at the dinner table when he is full. Cory is really enjoying the workouts with his trainer, Justin, at 3V Health and Fitness. He’s loves seeing the results of his hard work. He will keep pushing as the weeks go on because he knows he needs to take care of himself for his family.

latasha copyLaTasha has been working hard with her trainer, Caroline. She is working out with Caroline and CampGladiator, and she is already seeing the results- she has lost five pounds! After having been told her whole life that she was overweight, she’s working hard and learning how to live a new healthy lifestyle and enjoying it. She continues to be motivated by her son, and she hopes that she can make the healthy changes she needs for her family. 

claudiaClaudia is excited to be able to wear jeans that didn’t fit her a few weeks ago- she has lost two inches already! She has been working hard with her trainer, Pamela, who specializes in at-home workouts. Claudia is really enjoying her workouts, and the results she’s seeing! She has noticed that she has more energy after just two weeks of her new diet and exercise program. She’s excited to keep working out and eating healthy so she can be healthy and a positive influence to her family.

 Check back tomorrow to see the full interview with the ‘Super 6.’

To learn more about 3V Health and Fitness, visit their website here. 
To learn more about CampGladiator, visit their website here.
To learn more about Pamela’s home exercise options, visit her website here.

The ‘Super 6’ are beginning their third week of the New Year, New You program. Already they’ve began to see some great results!


shellyShelly has been working hard with her trainer, Jonathon. She has been participating in the CrossFit program, which she first found to be intimidating and something that she would probably have never given a thought to do if it hadn’t been for the New Year, New You program. It turns out that she loves CrossFit! Everyone she has met there has been so nice and welcoming to her. After only two weeks and a lot of body soreness, she has begun to notice that she has muscle and her stomach muscles are getting tighter.


aliciaAlicia has been enjoying her workouts with her trainer, Jason. She has found that working out is not as scary as she once thought, and she now looks forward to her workouts! She has been participating in CampGladiator, where she has found a very positive atmosphere full of encouragement to help her on her journey. It’s taking her some time to get used to the new eating habits, but she is finding that she has more energy and feels better in the mornings now! Alicia is finding motivation from family members who have experienced difficult health issues because she doesn’t want to have the same issues.

Derek is seeing some great results and enjoying his time with his trainer, Jimmy. He has already lost 10 pounds since beginning this journey two weeks ago. He has been working out with Jimmy and TUF Boot Camp. Diet and exercise have become a part of his daily life, and his hard work is being rewarded! He’ll be ready for a cape at the end of this program.

Check back tomorrow to see how the other three participants are doing in their journeys! 

To learn more about CrossFit, visit Jonathon’s website here.
To learn more about CampGladiator, visit their website here.
To learn more about TUF Boot Camp, visit their website here.


During the first week of January, the ‘Super 6’ stepped into the BOD POD for some body analysis tests. 

The BOD POD is a very reliable method of testing body composition. It’s a machine that uses air pressure to assess a person’s body density, volume, and tissue pressure. Each of our ‘Super 6’ contestants sat in the chamber for less than a minute. In that short amount of time, they found out how much body fat and muscle they had. The ‘Super 6’, their
trainers, and nutritionists started with these numbers to design the best workout and nutrition plan for each contestant. They’ll be able to keep track of their results by using the BOD POD towards the end of the 12 week program.  

You might be wondering why our contestants are using the BOD POD instead of sticking to the scale. Although the scale is the most convenient way to check and track our health, it doesn’t give us the whole truth about our health; health goes beyond the number on the scale. Some people look at their BMI (Body Mass Index) to determine their health status. Although it’s a starting point, BMI only looks at your weight and height; it doesn’t give you a clear look at your health. The BOD POD will tell you how much muscle and fat you have, helping you track some of the most important numbers when it comes to health. Excess body fat puts you at risk for a lot of health conditions and diseases.

For example: Jane gets in the BOD POD, and it tells her she has 50 pounds of muscle and 50 pounds of body fat. After weeks of diet and exercise, she gets back in the BOD POD, and it tells her she has 70 pounds of muscle and 30 pounds of body fat. The number on the scale has remained the same, but she is a lot healthier now that she has less body fat and more muscle. Looking at the scale can’t always show us the progress we’ve made, but the BOD POD allows people to track important aspects of their health.

*Picture from CenTex website.

The BOD POD is being made available to our participants by :
CenTex Body Check.

 For more information about the BOD POD,or how you can utilize this equipment for your health, check out CenTex Body Check’s website at

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